Important Notice:
Honeywell Aerospace recently signed a licensing agreement with Mercury Computer Systems, Inc., for the VistaNav™ Synthetic Vision Intellectual Property (IP) and VistaNav product line. Under the agreement, Honeywell will provide sales and support for the VistaNav™ CIS (Cockpit Information System) situational awareness products under the Bendix/King by Honeywell product line.

All current VistaNav subscriber, please be aware that and its subscription services will be moving to Bendix/ by Honeywell; .we are asking customers to create a Honeywell ID so we can transfer their subscription from VistaNav to Bendix/King Wingman Services.
                                                            or Log on to     (click on Frecuently Asked questions and/or take the tutorial on How to create a Honeywell ID).
You will need to request access to Bendix/King Wingman services. (This is where your subscription to VistaNav will be held).
Send to:                                               with the subject line VistaNav Migration, be sure to send your Honeywell ID and VistaNav ID to get your subscription transferred to the new website.

For more information on the VistaNav products, that are now branded under the Bendix/King AV8OR Series, please visit the product website at
Need Assistance?
Any questions regarding the registration process use the following contact information:

US & Canada: 1-800-247-0230, option 2 and then 4 on phone tree menu
Other countries: 1-913-712-3145, option 2 and then 4 on phone tree menu
Fax: 1-913-712-3904

Privacy Statement
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To begin the subscription transfer process, please follow these steps:
Honeywell ID FAQ's
Honeywell ID Account Creation Demo
If you have an existing Honeywell ID and only require access to the Bendix/King Wingman services, please access your “My Account” on and submit your request.

If you already have access to Bendix/King Wingman services,
Mail us your Honewell ID and VistaNav ID with the subject line VistaNav Migration
This change does not impact the subscription price, start or end dates.
frequently asked questions
how to create a Honeywell ID
Click here to request a Honeywell ID
As of Jan. 12, 2009, You Will be Required to have a Honeywell ID and Password, Please Create Yours Today.
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